Lavandin’s flower from Provence

Weddings, Celebrations, little bags…
Le lavandin is known since a very long time for its perfume and its calming and  antiseptic virtues.
Le Lavandin is since a while a love and sharing symbol.
In provence, le lavandin, usually associated with weddings, guarantees  happiness, peace and passion.
Get the authentic perfume of lavandin’s fields at your home.
Le lavandin will perfume your drawers, linen cupboards for several years…
Tip : You can use some lavandin in a vacuum cleaner bag to perfume the house  thanks to the hot air emanating from the vacuum cleaner while using it.
Make some cloth little bags fabric, make some “table runners” as ornaments.
Usually used for marriage celebrations, baptism and for each celebrations.


Flowers of lavender


Bags Of Lavender

His(her,its) smell is stronger, more intensified and its bigger foot is more productive, it is the reason why the price(prize) of the lavender is slightly lower that the price(prize) of the lavender, this price difference does not come from a less good quality than the lavender, but from its biggest productivity to the hectare.

Since a few years, the lavender undergoes an important decay of in a microbacterium plants suffer and the harvest is mediocre, what echoes on the prices(prizes) of the lavender.
 In a concern(marigold) of seriousness and honesty, the Passionlavande team made the decision to propose of the lavender.

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