Lavandin’s Flower

From Midi’s region in France, the plant has a few known good properties since the Antiquity. It blooms from June to August. It’s a crossbreed from 2 lavender species. Le lavandin has a rent 3 times more higher than other lavender’s species. It’s today the most cultivated. Its odor is deep then powerfull. Le lavandin is a condensed of multiples virtues from different species of lavender. Because of its particular resistance, le lavandin can resist our climate and weather, hot and dry while common lavender is in a bad way, and that since a few years now. Le Lavandin’s price, a bit lower than the lavender’s price is explained by a higher productivity and not by its quality.


Le lavandin produces more essential oils because, its top has more flowers than common lavender. Le Lavandin matches well with all essential’s oils, especially with citrus essences and oils. We distil it to produce the essential oil.

Uses and benefits :

Since always, le lavandin is a peace, happiness, love and sharing symbol.
A Provence’s tradition : since a while, fresh married are welcomed at the cityhall or church exit with a lavandin’s rain. According to the provence’s tradition, that lavandin’s throw guarantees a happy marriage and its odor draws love.
That tradition is largely acclaimed for its ecologic and biodegradable advantage. Natural product, very fragrant, everywhere in France, fiances choose more and more le lavandin softer and more pleasant than the rice’s throw in marriage ceremonies. Also, lavandin’s little bag substitutes the traditional dragees horn in marriage and baptism.
Put lavandin or slither one lavander’s little bag under the married mattress guarantees passion, a happy marriage and descendants. Throwing dried lavender flowers in the house brings peace and happiness in the family. Lavandin’s little bags are a lot used as a welcome gift for guests during Christmas and new year, anniversary and retirement celebrations and for all other celebrations as decoration stuff.
In France, lavender’s wedding is the symbol of 46 years of love. 

The using of lavandin is the same as the lavender :

Used in a pillow, lavendin’s flower will help you to relax every day.
That isn’t new, the Marquise from Sevigné, when she was visiting Grignan, usually set down lavandin’s seeds below her pillow for its calming virtues. In a little bag, closed in a linen closet, the lavandin’s flower will lightly spill its fragrance on clothes and will repel clothes moths and other undesirable bugs. At home, lavandin’s flower is traditionally used as a potpourri for its fragrance. It’s also a precious ally to mothers because lice don’t appreciate the odor !
There are many way of using products based on lavandin, imagination is the only limite. Today, the lavandin is used as inside ornamentation and perfume, eau de toilette, massage oil, used in bath, used as a remover product etc.
The base of the lavandin’s plant is bigger, more productive and durable than lavender. Its cultivation is possible in lower corps. (Valensole 500m high, pays Nyonsais, Barronies).

Although, lavender that we found in garden shops are in fact lavandins because its high adaptability at all climates, all altitudes and all grounds, allow it to grow in almost all regions.
The withering of the lavender’s plant is due to a micro bacteria transmitted by a bug : the “leafhopper”. In that case, the base of the plant asphyxiates and dies.
The bug leafhopper, kind of cicada, clings on the lavender’s stem, consumes the sap and transmits the disease. Accidentally brought in Italy in the 80’s, that bug from America, has quickly settled the south of France. Eating and destroying a lot of plants, it exudes a honeydew varied and plentiful that attract few hymenopterans as bees that transforms it in honey. Unfortunately it inculates a bacteria : the phytoplasma of Stolbur.
The lavender producers are faced to early death of their plant because they suffer and the harvest is poor. The main cause is the withering of the phytoplasma of Stolbur : 

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