Why the soap ...

6 reasons why It Is better to Use A Solid Soap.
That Some Shower gel

Nowadays, most of people use some shower gel and believe that he is best of his category. Today we would like to prove you that the solid soap was and always stays the best option thanks to its multiple advantages with regard to the shower gel. In here is 6 reasons: 1. The soap contains fewer dangerous substances 2. The soap is more economic

To use a shower gel would 3 times be more expensive that to wash himself with a solid soap. Verify yourselves!
3. The soap is really good for the skin

Generally, solid knowledges are soft. Furthermore, they contain some glycerin, which softens and hydrates the skin.
4. The soap is zero waste

For those who think of the recycling, it is an important advantage. The shower gel is sold in flasks which require